"Hi, Friend! My name is Angel, I am Baltimore born with a splash of California and a twist of Texas. The idea of being in the hair industry always just felt "right" to me. As a child I could be found following my father around the industry trade shows and as a teen you could definitely find me working one! Later in life I somehow found myself as the personal stylist to my friends, getting them ready for dances, dates, or whatever they were getting into that night! I've always known that I wanted to help people feel like the best versions of themselves possible. 


I'm a hair education junkie and certified hair nerd. Ya know you always have to learn the rules in order to break them! While I love a classic blonde, rich brunette, and everything else in between, I love putting a funky fantasy twist on classic looks. A little touch of lavender to add a little extra pop? I'm your girl. Some glitter to add a little fantasy to your life? I've got you covered. So you want to be a rainbow unicorn? Yes, please! I absolutely love to shake up the normal and I'm here to help you achieve those hair goals! 


When I am not behind the chair you can find me at home playing games, video or board... I'm not picky. On days off I am very guilty of settling into my sofa with my fur baby to binge some of my favorite shows on Netflix. I'm a shameless Disney nerd and a self proclaimed spooky queen. (Fun fact: I've been to Disney parks 8+ plus times.) 

If you need a movie suggestion for the family or if you want a good scare, I'm your girl. 


If I've managed to keep your attention this long it's obviously time to book that consultation :) Feel free to call the front desk at Fringe or feel free to DM me on instagram @hairwegoangel 


Let's be hair besties!"