Hey! I’m Shannon Cummins, Vibe Check Queen, Art/Lifestyle Enthusiast, Energy Reader, Fit Check Specialist, and most importantly a passionately dope Hair Artist. 


Hot off the press, graduating from The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School in September of 2020, I always knew that I had to be a part of the best of the best meaning a colorfully artistic team filled with open minded souls. My career was birthed in the neighborhoods of Shaw and Union Market DC where I meticulously perfected my craft under the mentorship of tenure stylists whose education brewed from European and Editorial techniques.


Growing up First Generation American to two vibrant Caribbean parents I have always found inspiration in the world around me that I am so grateful to exist in. This has also allowed me to see the world in color. I spent every summer in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY in my aunts house filled with cousins, where we would explore all that the city had to show us. Born a soul driven creative, these childhood experiences guided and led me towards my deep passion for Neo Expressionism Art, 60’s- Early 2000’s street style, Early Street Artists from the 70’s-90’s, 70’s-80’s Punk Rock New Wave Era Scene, and more! If I could go back in time you’d find me catching a Blondie show admiring Debbie Harry’s dope Shag Haircut at The CBGB, in the studio with a Tribe Called Quest when they were recording “Award Tour“, or in Jean-Michel Basquiat’s apartment watching him make a rare master piece in silence. 


At a young age of 10 years old I knew I was passionate about people. I always would people watch, meanwhile getting in trouble by my mother for “staring”. I wasn’t just staring, I was always stunned by the beauty of how people individualize themselves through hair, make-up, style, and attitude. I would catch their vibes, even if it were just in passing, and envision how I would do their hair or dress them to fit this imagined lifestyle I felt they led or could lead. I knew I had to be a catalyst in nurturing people towards becoming the most beautiful and dope version of themselves. 


Quitting my corporate job in 2019, to become a Licensed Cosmetologist in 2020 was a groundbreaking leap of faith that would allow me to follow my purpose as a natural born creative in an industry that was made for innovators and artists who want to bring change and test the ways of the world in order to make it a brighter place. My connections with my clients don’t only become due to stellar, drool worthy hair, but by being able to understand their needs that come with their specified lifestyle. In my chair we don’t only talk hair goals. We talk about art, our children, family, fashion trends, worldly topics, or sometimes we just vibe in the calmness that comes with your service when I take care of your hair. 


In March of 2022, I joined The Fringe Baltimore Family and I thank the Universe for this divine connection. At Fringe you can find me coasting and vibing doing what I love which consists of high end hair color with an editorial touch and hair cutting techniques which are made up of traditional practices mixed with my own unique touch which provides each client with a personalized flawless style. 


I can’t wait to have you in my chair, let’s create! ✨


Short Cut ......................................... $35

Standard Cut .................................... $50

Long or Dense Cut ......................... $65

Curly Cut with Full Experience .... $125

Color ..................................... $70 an hour



Tuesday 10:30AM - 7PM

Wednesday 9AM - 5PM

Thursday 9:30AM - 5PM

Friday 9:30AM - 5PM

Saturday 9AM - 4PM