"Hey Gorg! My name is Danielle Robinette, and welcome to my chair!  Here, we believe that life is best lived colorfully, there’s no such thing as too much glitter, and the right playlist is crucial to personal well-being.  Let’s have some fun!

I’ve been obsessed with hair from childhood, always playing around in various ratty costume wigs, sneaking them into a backpack to wear at school,and claiming it was my natural hair. I destroyed my *own* hair, along with my *friends* hair throughout high-school, ruining several of our Mom’s towels, bathrooms, and trust, in the process.  I also learned what NOT to do to your hair...THE HARD WAY.  Forgive me; It was 2002.  Later, while I studied Theatre in college, I discovered I had a knack for wig-styling, which must have been from all those years of trying to style the same Little Orphan Annie wig into various looks.  My interest in wigs, and a need to get cheap eyebrow waxes, lead me into my first salon job as an assistant, and I never looked back.  I have always wanted a job that allowed me to express my creativity, spread love, beauty and positivity, and also not require me to compromise my own sense of self.  I have found that with my career as a stylist, and more specifically, my Fringe Baltimore family.  

I feel that my long and colorful history with hair and salon life has helped shape me into the stylist I am today.  I have a very different education path than other stylists, as a lot of my skills were honed doing “underground” or, as I lovingly refer to it as, “punk-rock-kitchen-hair” and working grunt jobs in salons for over a decade.  I have seen it all, I’ve learned from some of the best in the game, and I’ve been unleashed behind the chair.  

I am an intersex person, which I think just makes me EVEN COOLER, and I’m always down to chat about my journey and experience.  I love doing gender-affirming haircuts for newly out or transitioning individuals.  It fills me with so much joy and honor to give people a look that matches their outside to how they feel inside.  Whether that’s a sleek, shiny, natural colored bob, or a Lisa Frank Cupcake Explosion mohawk, I’m your gal.  (FYI, I do identify as female, and my pronouns are SHE/HER or THEY/THEM.)

When I’m not at work, commandeering the playlist, drinking too much cold brew, and making people feel like magical beams of starlight, you can find me out and about enjoying the DIY Arts Scene and unleashing my inner DIVA.  I help run a small independent theatre called Stillpointe Theatre, and I’ve been a performer with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS) since 2009. It’s not uncommon for me to finish work at 6;45pm and be onstage by 8pm. I’m also a big ol’ fat girl, so I hope you’re ready to hear about my latest insane chili recipe I found on Pinterest or newest TikTok airfryer hack, because I’m always experimenting in the kitchen.  

When you’re a guest in my chair, it’s my goal to create a safe place for you to feel your best.  My bold personality, makeup, and clothing can lead people to think I only do “one type of hair”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!  Being bold and beautiful comes from the inside, so let’s work together to find what that means to you.  I want to make you the version of yourself you see when you close your eyes.  Strike that, I wanna make you look BETTER. 

So come spend some time in my chair!  Let’s chat about drag queens, D&D, podcasts, or whatever you’d like.  But let’s also talk about how I can help you live a bolder, fiercer, more colorful life.  LATER DOLL! "


Short Cut ......................................... $45

Standard Cut .................................... $65

Long or Dense Cut ......................... $80

Color ..................................... $90 an hour



Tuesday 11AM - 7PM

Wednesday 10AM - 6PM

Friday 10AM - 6PM

Saturday 9AM - 4PM