"Hey there, Hair Loves! 

My name is Lauren! Welcome to the fun and relaxing experience of being in my chair. My love for hair started a very young age. Being the youngest of five girls, I grew up watching my older sisters doll each other up. Sometimes, I got lucky enough to get a makeover myself. I remember very well the feelings of happiness and excitement it gave me while I getting my hair curled or my lipstick on. From then on, I knew it was a feeling I wanted to help give other people one day. 

It wasn't long after getting my foot into the world of hair that I really realized the pure joy you gave me, from building new relationships to seeing the smile and excitement on my client's face after they finally get their hair reveal!

I am a Baltimore native, growing up right off the 36th St., Avenue in Hampden. I love staying close to my roots, supporting local businesses, and always showing my Baltimore pride. I got my first job in a salon in 2014, starting as a shampoo girl. I worked my way to cosmetology school at night, and learned in the salon during the day. I finally graduated and became a licensed cosmetologist in 2017. 

Sitting in my chair, there are definitely some unique things you can look forward to. I like to think I am somewhat of a *master* of vivid hair. Whether it be a soft rose gold, or a bright hot pink, I love to make my clients feel fun and different. Some call me a people pleaser, and I think they are right! I always go above and beyond to make sure my guests are happy, and comfortable while in my chair. If you are having a bad day, I promise I will do all I can to put a smile on your face and provide a good listening ear. I also have the habit of spitting out a couple of bad dad jokes in the meantime...not sorry about it.  

If a more natural look is what you were going for, I also specialize in a nice natural balayage. I like to think I have a kick for finding the right products for my natural curly clients. Along with showing them how, and when, to use the right products for their hair. 

When I’m not in the salon I’m spending time with my wonderful family and friends, or taking my for baby Maximus out for a stroll. Max is my six year old English bulldog who I absolutely adore! Be prepared for me to tell you the latest funny thing he did, or what kind of fun we might have got into this week. I also usually have all the details of the latest murder documentary on Netflix, or the scoop of what happened on 90 day fiancé this week. I am *always* down to discuss both (and a lot of shows in between).

When it comes to things I am passionate about, I am always thinking about my next project. I come from  a very big artistic family and we have all found ourselves in industries that encourages all kinds of art and self-expression. Tattoos are a huge passion of mine. I love hearing the background of peoples art, what they decide to wear, and what it means to them. 

At the end of the day, my goal is to do my best to make your hair dreams come true, whether that be a fun shag or a subtle balayage. I do my best to communicate, sometimes under promising and always over delivering. I want you to be excited for that next visit before you current one is even over.  I strive to make all this happen while giving you the best salon experience you can have. I truly cannot wait to see your beautiful faces in my chair soon! "


Short Cut ......................................... $40

Standard Cut .................................... $60

Long or Dense Cut ......................... $80

Color ..................................... $80 an hour



Tuesday 11AM - 7PM

Wednesday 12PM - 6PM

Thursday 11:30AM - 6PM

Friday 10AM - 3:30PM

Saturday 10AM - 4PM