Hey besties, I’m Lauren!  I’m a cancer sun, gemini moon and capricorn rising. I did tech theater throughout high school where I fell in love with cosmetology and did all my friend’s hair in my bathroom for years.  I was always in trouble for staining the tub grout different colors.  My senior year I was enrolled in work study where I started working at a small, woman owned, salon in Catonsville as a salon assistant where I really learned to appreciate the hustle and bustle of a salon setting and enrolled in beauty school as soon as I graduated. 


Growing up I was always the weird kid in the corner listening to pop punk and hardcore music so I know how hard salon visits can be when you have a certain style that you use to express yourself. I take a lot of pride in curating low maintenance looks that pop and make you feel good about yourself and in control of your appearance daily!  I am constantly learning and growing not only as a stylist but as a person by taking frequent classes and being open minded and welcoming of all the knowledge the beauty industry has to give and sharing it with my clients. 


I want to take the time to get to know you and your hair!  Come in so we can curate a personalized, long-term hair care plan. I want to keep you looking fresh and feeling good in and out of my chair no matter how many times you change your haircolor, what products you use, or how often you come to see me!  I also offer silent appointments if you are more comfortable with that. 


Outside of the salon you can find me going to rah rah or pop punk shows, I love live music and any excuse to get dressed up and meet up with my oomfs. I have an orange tabby named Peach Tea that I love any chance to talk about and show off. Music, fashion, and anything David Lynch related are things I talk about all day every day.   

Reach out to me at @SlurpeeBandit on instagram or email me at to talk about booking. I can’t wait to see you soon!