Owner and Senior Stylist

  • Specialties: Shags, Rainbows, dimensional blonding, color corrections, extensions
  • Nicknames: LARRY, The Hair Sorceress, Nurse Wretched
  • Fun Facts: Ex Roller Derby Villian
  • Likes: dogs, Peloton, and angry girl music
  • Dislikes: Snakes and hypocrites




  • Specialties: Balayage, texture services, precision cuts
  • Nicknames: Ern, Coach King
  • Fun Facts: addicted/obsessed with Coach
  • Likes: Ghost and UFO documentaries, pistachio pudding
  • Dislikes: That people are in their own way



  • Specialties: Brow waxing, precision cuts, rich natural color, vintage styling
  • Nicknames: Baddie, Vic
  • Fun Facts: A baddie first, a hairstylist directly after
  • Likes: Boston Terriers, fashion
  • Dislikes: Rudeness



  • Specialties: Vivids, balayage, brow waxing
  • Nicknames: Lern
  • Fun Facts: Addicted to 90 Day Fiance
  • Likes: Family time, true crime, English Bulldogs
  • Dislikes: Mean people, politics, doing laundry



  • Specialties: Vivids and Fantasy colors, Shags and mullets
  • Nicknames: the Vivids Supreme
  • Fun Facts: Helps run a local theater company called StillPointe
  • Likes: Glitter, Red Bull, Dolly Parton
  • Dislikes: Mushrooms, wasted potential (LOL)


 Stylist and Make-up Artist

  • Specialties: Blowouts, Extensions, Make-up
  • Fun Facts: Always puts BBQ sauce on Mac N Cheese
  • Likes: Femininity, SLEEP
  • Dislikes: regular coffee, Bald men (LOL)



  • Specialties: Extensions, blonding, glitterlites
  • Nicknames: Glitter Goblin
  • Fun Facts: "I'm the shit." -Angel
  • Likes: Disney, Harry Potter
  • Dislikes: Brussel sprouts, Beyoncé 



  • Specialties: Natural hair, glitterlites, wig styling, Nail and Lash extensions
  • Nicknames: Turtle, Snottie, Yannerz
  • Fun Fact: I make my own press ons!
  • Likes: Beyoncé (unlike Angel), Taco Bell Fiesta potatoes, magic, comic books, plants, tattoos, weed
  • Dislikes: Olives, social injustice, when people leave cabinets open, lying to make others comfortable


Stylist and Assistant

  • Specialties: Editorial styling/color, lived in looks, styling
  • Nicknames: n/a
  • Fun Fact: Fav artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Likes: Abstract and street art, NYC, traveling, short poems, the movie Training Day
  • Dislikes: Sneaky vibes, halfway smiles, close minded people



  • Specialties: Transformational Cuts & Colors
  • Fun Fact: Can bake a mean cupcake
  • Likes: Men, Pizza, Crowd surfing
  • Dislikes:  Men, Airplanes, Accidentally biting your own tongue



  • Specialties: Telling people to clean up after themselves
  • Nicknames: Lolo, OOMF
  • Fun Fact: Built my own PC set up, Has over 3,000 hrs logged on the Sims 4
  • Likes: Sims, tabby cats, twin peaks, cowboys, old bay, being a hater
  • Dislikes: Cancer men, ice in drinks, caramel, eating meat