"Welcome to Fringe, Friends!

I'm Laura Schneider, adventure seeker, punk singer, hair nerd, and boss lady in charge at Baltimore's Best Salon.

You don't need me to be beautiful, you're perfect exactly as you are. I'm just here to make your hair dreams come true. I have a passion for learning the latest trends and I live to hear my guests say, "OMG it's better than I imagined!"

I have over a decade of experience in the salon world from receptionist to apprentice to stylist to master cosmetologist to owner! I pride myself in my versatility but my favorite thing to do behind the chair is anything edgy! Textured cuts, fantasy color, fadework, and blonding! I take hair classes for fun so I love a guest who stretches my creative muscles!

When I'm not at the shop, I'm probably checking out one of Baltimore's amazing restaurants, running a race for the medal, or cycling for my favorite causes- Bike MS and Moveable Feast. I'm a fitness junkie and I'm always down for a new workout. Don't forget to say, "Hi!" if you see me around Charles Village or Remington walking my two unruly pit bulls, Peabody and Sherman. 


Bonus Fun Fact! People always ask me about my IG name @nursewretched. "It has nothing to do with hair, you should change it." Well, It's been my name since the beginning of Instagram and was actually my Roller Derby name! I keep it as a tribute to my first models: my derby sisters, who let me practice on their blue mohawks and mermaid hair before everyone else was doing it! So it has everything to do with hair! Follow me for hair tips, tutorials, dog pics, and all my quirky outfit pics!"




"Hi! My name is Erin Leader. I am a Baltimore native going on 23 years of experience in the hair industry. Being a hair stylist was something that I I actually kind of fell into unexpectedly. I was attending a high school for the arts, and my mother suggested applying for a part time job where she had her hair done. What I discovered was that hair is an amazing canvas! Hairstyling is a career that’s afforded me the opportunity to respect my creativity, while granting me the freedom to be myself. I love that I can help my clients also be themselves and express their own creativity. Are you struggling with expressing your identity? Let me help’s what I’m here for! Remember, hair is that one accessory that goes everywhere you do. 

I come from a family of teachers and counselors, which could explain why out of *all* the hats I've worn in this industry, one of my favorites was being an educator. Education is a must for me, not just for learning new techniques, but also for keeping me motivated and engaged. I take pride in staying up to date with the latest and greatest, and Fringe always has a monthly class that helps me do just that. 

You should know that I am a total paranormal geek and love watching all the shows about ghosts, aliens, monsters and whatever...often to my partner’s chagrin. We both love nothing more than a good scary movie or Netflix show! My clients always love to tell me about the new ones their watching, and I always have a story about some crazy video I just saw to share back.

I also have a love for all things Coach, *especially* vintage. It’s a passion that my late mother and I shared when I was younger, and it’s now followed me into adulthood. I get excited for a good project bag, one that needs to be changed, fixed, and customized into the perfect bag for me. The more bag charms and keychains, the better. Since my clothes are pretty casual and I love having that outlet to sparkle as sparkly as I can. It's how I express my inner diva.

As a gay man, I feel like that I have a unique empathy and respect for differences in others. Differences are the things that make us unique, they’re our stories and hardships, our mistakes and struggles. Ultimately, they are our triumphs...everything that makes us beautiful and human. I believe that those traits should be respected and encouraged. Empathy has always played a large role in my life and it’s a quality I’m really happy to possess. I have learned how special it is to connect with people, and that doing hair has given me the opportunity to do so.  My connection with my clients is on a much deeper level than I ever expected, and I am thankful for that.  

Although I adore being a hair stylist, it may surprise you to learn that I almost took the path of becoming a Park Ranger! I’m an animal lover, and when I was younger I had  a whole room full of critters. My passion for creatures is so strong that I used to volunteer at Rocks and Gunpowder State Parks. While there, I worked with all sorts of animals, and would teach visitors about them and their habitats. Particularly, I always liked the birds of prey, snakes, and turtles.

At this point, there is nothing I haven't seen or heard, and it's important for you to know that when you sit in my chair. I really do mean that. I *always* want my clients to feel comfortable and never be intimidated to tell or ask me anything regarding their hair. I am confident in my ability to solve any of your hair problems, even if it's a new challenge for me.

Another thing that is always encouraged in my chair? Laughter. It's hard *not* to notice that Fringe is a welcoming environment for it. We love to laugh here. People tell me they love my dry sense of humor, and my coworkers particularly love challenging me in sass battles at any given moment, you gotta keep your wits sharp around here! 

Let me tell you, I will give you the best smoothing treatment (we use 'Brazilian Blowouts') that you’ve ever had. When I say they’re life changing for people with frizzy and unruly hair- I absolutely mean it. And while we're at it let’s do some color! That's always a blast. 

So, you’ve read all this for a reason and clearly now's the time to go book a consultation! Let’s talk about what you want and how we will achieve it. If you already have an end goal in mind, grab those photos you’ve been saving and send them my way! But your first step is to click that "Book Erin" button, or call our front desk, and make it happen! Do it now! ;) I am so excited to meet you!"


"My passion for all things hair and aesthetics was passed down from the women in my life who made it a mission to wear their confidence loudly, therefore I’ve always had what felt like a primal knowledge of beauty.

Serving the community I grew up in has always been something I wanted to be known for. In high school I was elected to do what seemed like everyone’s hair and make up for dates, parties or mid-class boredom. That’s right, I was the girl whose teacher would say, “This is a school, not a fashion show”. Jokes on you Mrs. Porter, it all paid off!

Connecting with the roots of my own neighborhood through our mutual love for beauty and style is what I pride myself on and often brag about. When it comes to creating signature hair that’s realistic for your lifestyle, I’m your girl!

I live for putting a contemporary spin on a classic look by pairing rich, natural colors and texturizing layers for that everyday glamour.

Besides making my clients feel like a timeless work of art displayed in the Baltimore Baddie museum, I also love collecting plants that I no longer have space for, spending literal hours building and customizing my own nails, and keeping up my branded image by shopping of course!

Wait... what’s that? You have a dog? Well since you brought it up, I too have a furry son that happens to be canine! I hope you like stories of mischievous Boston terriers that steal socks and get frightened by their own farts because I have plenty to tell. When I’m not busy winning first place for the best dog-mom ever, I’m usually making sure my clients are up to date on their horror films. I’m a reliable source when it comes to the latest gore scenes and jump scares. Don’t worry, I keep a mental list of what I call, “monstermash movies” to recommend for the scaredy-cats as well. My ideal day is coming home to my pupper to watch an Ari Aster horror flick after a day full of my favorite clients.

Wow, so much in common already huh? You can book your appointment with me through Vagaro or call Fringe Baltimore. If you’d like to connect with me before your appointment, feel free to Dm me on IG @comb_inhand."



"Hey there, Hair Loves! 

My name is Lauren! Welcome to the fun and relaxing experience of being in my chair. My love for hair started a very young age. Being the youngest of five girls, I grew up watching my older sisters doll each other up. Sometimes, I got lucky enough to get a makeover myself. I remember very well the feelings of happiness and excitement it gave me while I getting my hair curled or my lipstick on. From then on, I knew it was a feeling I wanted to help give other people one day. 

It wasn't long after getting my foot into the world of hair that I really realized the pure joy you gave me, from building new relationships to seeing the smile and excitement on my client's face after they finally get their hair reveal!

I am a Baltimore native, growing up right off the 36th St., Avenue in Hampden. I love staying close to my roots, supporting local businesses, and always showing my Baltimore pride. I got my first job in a salon in 2014, starting as a shampoo girl. I worked my way to cosmetology school at night, and learned in the salon during the day. I finally graduated and became a licensed cosmetologist in 2017. 

Sitting in my chair, there are definitely some unique things you can look forward to. I like to think I am somewhat of a *master* of vivid hair. Whether it be a soft rose gold, or a bright hot pink, I love to make my clients feel fun and different. Some call me a people pleaser, and I think they are right! I always go above and beyond to make sure my guests are happy, and comfortable while in my chair. If you are having a bad day, I promise I will do all I can to put a smile on your face and provide a good listening ear. I also have the habit of spitting out a couple of bad dad jokes in the meantime...not sorry about it.  

If a more natural look is what you were going for, I also specialize in a nice natural balayage. I like to think I have a kick for finding the right products for my natural curly clients. Along with showing them how, and when, to use the right products for their hair. 

When I’m not in the salon I’m spending time with my wonderful family and friends, or taking my for baby Maximus out for a stroll. Max is my six year old English bulldog who I absolutely adore! Be prepared for me to tell you the latest funny thing he did, or what kind of fun we might have got into this week. I also usually have all the details of the latest murder documentary on Netflix, or the scoop of what happened on 90 day fiancé this week. I am *always* down to discuss both (and a lot of shows in between).

When it comes to things I am passionate about, I am always thinking about my next project. I come from  a very big artistic family and we have all found ourselves in industries that encourages all kinds of art and self-expression. Tattoos are a huge passion of mine. I love hearing the background of peoples art, what they decide to wear, and what it means to them. 

At the end of the day, my goal is to do my best to make your hair dreams come true, whether that be a fun shag or a subtle balayage. I do my best to communicate, sometimes under promising and always over delivering. I want you to be excited for that next visit before you current one is even over.  I strive to make all this happen while giving you the best salon experience you can have. I truly cannot wait to see your beautiful faces in my chair soon! "


"Hey Gorg! My name is Danielle Robinette, and welcome to my chair!  Here, we believe that life is best lived colorfully, there’s no such thing as too much glitter, and the right playlist is crucial to personal well-being.  Let’s have some fun!

I’ve been obsessed with hair from childhood, always playing around in various ratty costume wigs, sneaking them into a backpack to wear at school,and claiming it was my natural hair. I destroyed my *own* hair, along with my *friends* hair throughout high-school, ruining several of our Mom’s towels, bathrooms, and trust, in the process.  I also learned what NOT to do to your hair...THE HARD WAY.  Forgive me; It was 2002.  Later, while I studied Theatre in college, I discovered I had a knack for wig-styling, which must have been from all those years of trying to style the same Little Orphan Annie wig into various looks.  My interest in wigs, and a need to get cheap eyebrow waxes, lead me into my first salon job as an assistant, and I never looked back.  I have always wanted a job that allowed me to express my creativity, spread love, beauty and positivity, and also not require me to compromise my own sense of self.  I have found that with my career as a stylist, and more specifically, my Fringe Baltimore family.  

I feel that my long and colorful history with hair and salon life has helped shape me into the stylist I am today.  I have a very different education path than other stylists, as a lot of my skills were honed doing “underground” or, as I lovingly refer to it as, “punk-rock-kitchen-hair” and working grunt jobs in salons for over a decade.  I have seen it all, I’ve learned from some of the best in the game, and I’ve been unleashed behind the chair.  

I am an intersex person, which I think just makes me EVEN COOLER, and I’m always down to chat about my journey and experience.  I love doing gender-affirming haircuts for newly out or transitioning individuals.  It fills me with so much joy and honor to give people a look that matches their outside to how they feel inside.  Whether that’s a sleek, shiny, natural colored bob, or a Lisa Frank Cupcake Explosion mohawk, I’m your gal.  (FYI, I do identify as female, and my pronouns are SHE/HER or THEY/THEM.)

When I’m not at work, commandeering the playlist, drinking too much cold brew, and making people feel like magical beams of starlight, you can find me out and about enjoying the DIY Arts Scene and unleashing my inner DIVA.  I help run a small independent theatre called Stillpointe Theatre, and I’ve been a performer with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS) since 2009. It’s not uncommon for me to finish work at 6;45pm and be onstage by 8pm. I’m also a big ol’ fat girl, so I hope you’re ready to hear about my latest insane chili recipe I found on Pinterest or newest TikTok airfryer hack, because I’m always experimenting in the kitchen.  

When you’re a guest in my chair, it’s my goal to create a safe place for you to feel your best.  My bold personality, makeup, and clothing can lead people to think I only do “one type of hair”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!  Being bold and beautiful comes from the inside, so let’s work together to find what that means to you.  I want to make you the version of yourself you see when you close your eyes.  Strike that, I wanna make you look BETTER. 

So come spend some time in my chair!  Let’s chat about drag queens, D&D, podcasts, or whatever you’d like.  But let’s also talk about how I can help you live a bolder, fiercer, more colorful life.  LATER DOLL! "


"I am a licensed Cosmetologist / Makeup Artist specializing in all things beauty!


I always told my mother “doing hair” was my backup plan....I lied! I always knew I wasn’t going to college and here I am 11 years later with a blossoming career in the beauty industry!! I love being a stylist in the salon. It’s my creative space, ever changing, calming, and exciting all at once. 


Although I specialize in blowouts and extensions, I take pride in being a well rounded stylist and listening to every little detail. I make sure that my clients leave more than satisfied. 


My clients and I bond over product knowledge and what’s best for each of them individually, no two heads of hair are the same!! We communicate what works and doesn’t work. I enjoy meeting people from all over whether it be for 45 minutes or 8 hours. Click the the link in so we can reserve your slot now!!"


"Hey y’all I’m Melissa, also known as Melissa the hair wizard. My calling to be a hairstylist started when I cut my Barbie's hair as a child. Though I enjoyed the creative freedom with the Barbies, I was missing the human connection and decided to pursue cutting hair for actual people. I’m also a hairstylist because I want to spread love to every client. Doing hair is my purpose to help others feel great.

As your hairstylist I am your #1 fan. I support you through and through. Whether it’s a pregnancy or a divorce I’ll be by your side.

Coming to the salon shouldn't feel intimidating, but I understand that it can. Through my management experience at the previous salon I worked at, I am aware of what customer service should look like, the type of focus I should give a client, and ultimately delivering the *best* experience for you.  

Before I got into the hair industry I considered studying to become a therapist to help people. I’ve always had social anxiety but being behind the chair has helped me tremendously. By building relationships daily I’ve become more confident in connecting with clients. I’m grateful to my craft because not only am I helping others - I’m helping myself.

Also, I hope you like dad jokes...because I am full of them. I look forward to quoting "The Office" and joking around with you. You might also notice that I am eyeing your shoes or outfit waiting for the chance to ask you where you got it from. I love fashion and trying the new trends and I love to bring that knowledge into the hair I'm doing. 

My goal is to make your experience fun and relaxing. No matter what color or cut you desire I will walk you through the process and will work towards getting to your goal as close as we can. My hope is to get you to laugh at least once and enjoy our fun atmosphere at Fringe. At the end of the day the experience is about *you*, let me know what is best for you and I will work towards that.

Kick back, have a La Croix, and enjoy. I can’t wait to hangout with you!"



"Hi, Friend! My name is Angel, I am Baltimore born with a splash of California and a twist of Texas. The idea of being in the hair industry always just felt "right" to me. As a child I could be found following my father around the industry trade shows and as a teen you could definitely find me working one! Later in life I somehow found myself as the personal stylist to my friends, getting them ready for dances, dates, or whatever they were getting into that night! I've always known that I wanted to help people feel like the best versions of themselves possible. 


I'm a hair education junkie and certified hair nerd. Ya know you always have to learn the rules in order to break them! While I love a classic blonde, rich brunette, and everything else in between, I love putting a funky fantasy twist on classic looks. A little touch of lavender to add a little extra pop? I'm your girl. Some glitter to add a little fantasy to your life? I've got you covered. So you want to be a rainbow unicorn? Yes, please! I absolutely love to shake up the normal and I'm here to help you achieve those hair goals! 


When I am not behind the chair you can find me at home playing games, video or board... I'm not picky. On days off I am very guilty of settling into my sofa with my fur baby to binge some of my favorite shows on Netflix. I'm a shameless Disney nerd and a self proclaimed spooky queen. (Fun fact: I've been to Disney parks 8+ plus times.) 

If you need a movie suggestion for the family or if you want a good scare, I'm your girl. 


If I've managed to keep your attention this long it's obviously time to book that consultation :) Feel free to call the front desk at Fringe or feel free to DM me on instagram @hairwegoangel 


Let's be hair besties!"

Front Desk Fabulousness

"Oh, hi there! My name is Dana, my pronouns are they/them, and I'm the Operations Manager at Baltimore's most talented and inclusive salon. I'm the first and last part of your visit to Fringe Baltimore, and I work behind the scenes to make sure your favorite stylist is fully prepared and empowered to make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.


I grew up under the shadow of the might Rocky Mountains, but I've been a Marylander for a quarter of a century (minus three adventurous years in South Florida). When I'm not behind the desk at Fringe, you're likely to see me in the crowd at a local punk rock show, out on the town for cocktails with friends, planning my next weekend road trip, or possibly attending a local roller derby bout.


If you've got a question you can't find the answer to, or if you can't quite find the appointment you need, reach out to me here at the salon and I'll eagerly help you out. I look forward to meeting you, cracking open a couple of cold seltzers, and sharing a few laughs!"