"My passion for all things hair and aesthetics was passed down from the women in my life who made it a mission to wear their confidence loudly, therefore I’ve always had what felt like a primal knowledge of beauty.

Serving the community I grew up in has always been something I wanted to be known for. In high school I was elected to do what seemed like everyone’s hair and make up for dates, parties or mid-class boredom. That’s right, I was the girl whose teacher would say, “This is a school, not a fashion show”. Jokes on you Mrs. Porter, it all paid off!

Connecting with the roots of my own neighborhood through our mutual love for beauty and style is what I pride myself on and often brag about. When it comes to creating signature hair that’s realistic for your lifestyle, I’m your girl!

I live for putting a contemporary spin on a classic look by pairing rich, natural colors and texturizing layers for that everyday glamour.

Besides making my clients feel like a timeless work of art displayed in the Baltimore Baddie museum, I also love collecting plants that I no longer have space for, spending literal hours building and customizing my own nails, and keeping up my branded image by shopping of course!

Wait... what’s that? You have a dog? Well since you brought it up, I too have a furry son that happens to be canine! I hope you like stories of mischievous Boston terriers that steal socks and get frightened by their own farts because I have plenty to tell. When I’m not busy winning first place for the best dog-mom ever, I’m usually making sure my clients are up to date on their horror films. I’m a reliable source when it comes to the latest gore scenes and jump scares. Don’t worry, I keep a mental list of what I call, “monstermash movies” to recommend for the scaredy-cats as well. My ideal day is coming home to my pupper to watch an Ari Aster horror flick after a day full of my favorite clients.

Wow, so much in common already huh? You can book your appointment with me through Vagaro or call Fringe Baltimore. If you’d like to connect with me before your appointment, feel free to Dm me on IG @comb_inhand."