I knew at the age of 14 that hair was my first love when I was playing with my cousin's hair and the look on her face was everything!  I love being able to show someone all the possibilities and how great their hair can look! 


   I consider myself a versatile hair artist so I feel like I can take ideas and things that I see around me and add those things to each look that I create.  I love to spend time in my museums and art spaces just to see the beauty and the creativity that’s all around us. 

I have lived in five cities in the past several years.  I’ve learned a lot and experienced so much.  I have a huge book collection, and I’m always reading a book which can lead to me sometimes reading more than one at a time!  I’m always looking to learn more, embracing the fact that I’m a life student!


   I invite anyone who wants to in my chair, this is where we will laugh hard and a lot, a safe space where we get to know each other and your hair well, while talking about whatever we decide is the “trending topic” of the day!  I don’t know it all but what I know is that I will do my best so that you will leave with hair you love and a smile!


   So now that you know a little more about me, I hope you are inspired to book with me so that we can start the journey to achieving your hair goals today!  I am a stylist that is here for you and your hair.  Literally!