"Hey y’all I’m Melissa, also known as Melissa the Hair Wizard. My calling to be a hairstylist started when I cut my Barbie's hair as a child. Though I enjoyed the creative freedom with the Barbies, I was missing the human connection and decided to pursue cutting hair for actual people. I’m also a hairstylist because I want to spread love to every client. Doing hair is my purpose to help others feel great.

As your hairstylist I am your #1 fan. I support you through and through. Whether it’s a pregnancy or a divorce I’ll be by your side.

Coming to the salon shouldn't feel intimidating, but I understand that it can. Through my management experience at the previous salon I worked at, I am aware of what customer service should look like, the type of focus I should give a client, and ultimately delivering the *best* experience for you.  

Before I got into the hair industry I considered studying to become a therapist to help people. I’ve always had social anxiety but being behind the chair has helped me tremendously. By building relationships daily I’ve become more confident in connecting with clients. I’m grateful to my craft because not only am I helping others - I’m helping myself.

Also, I hope you like dad jokes...because I am full of them. I look forward to quoting "The Office" and joking around with you. You might also notice that I am eyeing your shoes or outfit waiting for the chance to ask you where you got it from. I love fashion and trying the new trends and I love to bring that knowledge into the hair I'm doing. 

My goal is to make your experience fun and relaxing. No matter what color or cut you desire I will walk you through the process and will work towards getting to your goal as close as we can. My hope is to get you to laugh at least once and enjoy our fun atmosphere at Fringe. At the end of the day the experience is about *you*, let me know what is best for you and I will work towards that.

Kick back, have a La Croix, and enjoy. I can’t wait to hangout with you!"