PROXIMITY By: Sazafrass

Proximity underscores the awareness of how man made and natural worlds currently co exist. Consciousness of space and how the areas between architecture and nature is more important now than ever. According to Endangered Earth, a wildlife preservation organization, there are now 41,415 species of animals and plants that are on the endangered list, which is up by 16,118 from last year. Sazafrass draws attention to the imperative nature of space that all living creatures deserve by juxtaposing plants and animals uncomfortably close to architecture.


About the Artist: Sazafrass is an illustrator and Art Teacher who works in Baltimore and teaches in the Howard County Public School Systems. Saz was raised in Syosset, New York and attended Towson University for an Advanced Bachelors in Art Education. She will graduate with a Masters in Art Education at Towson University in the Fall Semester of 2019. Saz uses her student's playful and childlike pictures as inspiration for her aesthetic. As an artists, she is drawn to startling juxtapositions that can be seen as cute or concerning. She is currently active with participating in gallery pop up shows and collaborative exhibitions throughout Baltimore and Philadelphia. 


Email: sazafrassfactory@gmail.com

Instagram: @sazafrassfactory

Facebook: sazafrass